Fundamentals of Roadway Ice Control for Managers & Decision Makers


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Keeping roads ice-free in the winter is an expensive, labor-intensive undertaking. In northern regions, winter maintenance can consume 70 percent or more of an agency's annual maintenance budget. In the south, one or two big storm events can cripple an agencies finances. And using the wrong materials, or using the right materials at the wrong time is not only wasteful and expensive, it can be very dangerous.

This training provides a thorough explanation of the science behind ice formation and ice control. It also provides basic guidance regarding good operational practices for snow and ice control.

Topics include:

  • How ice forms on the pavement
  • Air temperature vs. pavement temperature
  • Types of precipitation
  • Differences between anti-icing, deicing, and pre-wetting
  • Calculating melting potential
  • Understanding phase diagrams
  • Why it is important to define levels of service
  • BONUS -- Speed Wastes Salt: The proof is in the numbers

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  • 6-month, group-view license
  • One set of login credentials. 
  • Good for a single county, city, town or village; or DOT facility location.

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